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Two years ago I worked on a mapping project looking at the religious geography of Northern Ireland over time. Elections always generate interesting datasets, and last week’s council elections were no different, so they got me interested in looking at this data again.

I’ve added some more fields from the 2011 census to the maps I made previously, so that now they also illustrate:

  • Class (“Social Grade” from the 2011 census)
  • Housing
  • and Religion

And I’ve added the election results from last week council elections for each of Belfast’s 10 DEA’s, and the same results from the last election in 2014. I’d rather let you explore the data for yourself than make any comments, but it’s a pretty interesting comparison! For more info on various census fields and what they mean check out NISRA’s website.

The image above is just a quick example, these maps are best when fully interactive! The full map is available here